Centre 33 has been involved with numerous film projects across Cambridgeshire. Most of these films have been written, filmed and produced by young people, with support from Centre 33 staff and local professionals. For more information, or if you would like any of the films on DVD, please email

Visiting Centre 33

Some of the young people who we work with were said they wished they'd known what 33 Clarendon Street was like before visiting for the first time.

So we have made a short video to show you what you can expect if you drop in to see us.

The Message - Part 1 from Centre 33 Youth Services Charity on Vimeo.


The Message (Part 1 of 2)

The Message was an awareness-raising film created by and featuring some of Centre 33's Young Carers.


The film is designed to help professionals understand some of the issues young carers face.

It forms part of a training programme which young carers deliver in schools across the county to help improve support.

Part 1 shows you some of the problems that this young person is experiencing in school.

Part2 from Centre 33 Youth Services Charity on Vimeo.


The Message (Part 2 of 2)

Part 2 of the film helps fill in the gaps to show the impact that being a young carer can have on a young person's education.


Celebrating the Flipp Project

The Flipp Project supported groups of young people across Cambridgeshire to engage in creative peer-education projects. This celebration montage features clips from various films, and was put together by Flipp Participation Worker Dave Neale to mark the end of this highly successful Centre 33 project.

Bullying: A Tale of Two Survivors

This film by The Hive group tells the story of Jon and Sam, two boys who both experience bullying but deal with it in different ways. Jon is bullied by his dad and takes out his anger on other pupils at school. Sam, the main target of Jon’s bullying, becomes depressed and scared, until he turns to a peer mentor for help. Thanks to Red Balloon, Kidscape, and Impington Village College for their help in making this film.

Journey to Nothing

Journey to Nothing was made in September 2010. In just two weeks, the ten young people taking part researched, wrote, planned and shot a short film about the issue of homelessness. They were supported by three professional film-makers and two services at Centre 33: the FLIPP Project and Housing & Living Skills service.