Project Description

Moving up to secondary school in September?

We’ve put together some FAQs to help you navigate this big change if you’re a young carer. Check it out here.


“I’m worried about my Mum”

“It’s really hard to get to school on time as my Dad is not well”

“I help look after my brother”

“I don’t know how I’m going to manage at secondary school”

“I feel a bit lonely because my family are different”

What help and support do we offer?


A chance to meet other young carers in your area, and have some fun.
We run term time groups in 6 locations for young carers. We do sports, crafts, cooking, puzzles, games and generally have fun and relax in a safe environment.

See if there is a group in your area here

How can I get involved?

You may be entitled to a Young Carers Needs Assessment which will assess if your whole family could get support.
You can email to find out more.

Contact us with any questions.

Email or call us


We are here to listen to you. Maybe you just need some time out from caring or some support to help you with an issue or particular problem.

“I can always tell when Matthew has seen you as when he gets home its like a weight has been lifted from his shoulders”.

We organise trips, outings, activities and holidays to give you some time off and meet other young carers. Here are some examples of trips we have done with young carers:
Roller skating/indoor surfing/theme parks/sports days/seaside trips/trampolining/arts projects/museum visits.

Note about consent

At Centre 33 all our services are confidential. That means we will not tell anyone, without your permission, that you are in contact with us or what you tell us. If you are in the young carers project then your parents or carers and sometimes your school are usually informed and involved unless it is not appropriate or you don’t want them to be. We can discuss this with you.

That would only change if we thought you or someone else was at risk of serious harm. If we did have to talk to someone else to help keep you safe, we would always try to talk to you about that first. 

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