Project Description

What will happen?

Firstly you need to get registered with our service. You can either refer yourself, or you can get referred to our service by an adult. Download a referral form here and return it to

If you want to refer yourself then just use our contact details here

You can call, email or come to one of our drop-ins. You can also ask to get help to fill in the form at Centre 33 or with our staff at your school.

Then we will be in touch and make a plan with you  depending on your age and your needs.

Aged Under 11 years?

Centre 33 offers support to young carers aged 8 years and above. Once we have received a referral for you we will arrange to come and meet with you and your parent / guardian. Together we will look at what support is best for you.

This could be a regular group, where you can meet other young carers, try new activities and have some fun. It may be more appropriate to offer you one-to-one sessions to look at any particular barriers you are facing or to provide you with some information or online support.

Aged Under 8 years?

If you are younger than 8 then someone needs to contact the Young Carers Needs Assessment Team who will complete an assessment to identify the best support for you.

Are we in your school?

“When my teacher talked to me about YCs, it was a bit surreal because I finally realised support was available” Jack, aged 16

Centre 33 offers support in secondary schools across Cambridgeshire, and  we work closely with your teachers to help them to best support Young Carers in their schools and provide a dedicated Young Carers Project Worker fortnightly throughout the school year.

We also offer one–to–one drop in or appointment sessions, lunchtime clubs and after school sessions in school. You can find out what is in your area here

Year 6 and Year 9s – ‘My Future’

“I have gained more confidence to speak loudly about young carers. It makes me feel good to help other people.” Evie, aged 14

Worried about the next big step? Centre 33 offers support to Young Carers during times of change  and if you are in Year 6 or Year 9 we can support you through My Future. We can help plan for the next stage, support you to help share your needs, and ensure your voice is heard.

‘My Plan’ – working with you to look at what you need

The Centre 33 team can support you while you look at what you need to overcome the challenges and barriers you might face because of your caring role. We can use our My Plan (click here to see one) to help you set goals and work with you to achieve them. Sometimes it can be hard to work out what to do.

By using the My Plan Centre 33 staff can help you to look at your options and support you to take steps …

“Centre 33 has helped my son so much. He is a lot calmer and not in so much trouble at school since you have been helping him. I’m so thankful for what you have done.” Parent of a Young Carer

My Time

We are here to listen to you. Maybe you just need some time out from caring, someone to talk to and somewhere to go? Centre 33 offers short term one-to-one support to young carers. These sessions are planned to fit in with you, and they often take place away from school or home and can focus on exploring specific worries you may have.

“It was such a relief that I was being listened to and something was being done.” Sam, aged 17

My Free Time

My Free Time offers Young Carers a programme of fun activities and trips, giving you the chance to have a break from your situation at home, make new friends, and have some fun. Here are some examples of some of the trips we have done with young carers:

Roller skating / indoor surfing / theme parks / sport days / yoga sessions / seaside trips / trampoling / arts projects / museum visits and so much more.

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