Our Services


Centre 33 offers free and confidential counselling in the centre of Cambridge, CentreE in Ely, The Bargroves Centre in St. Neots, HYC Huntingdon Youth Centre in Huntingdon and the Queen Mary Centre in Wisbech.

Please see appointment times and opening times under ‘Counselling’. Please be aware that some of those services are only open one day a week. You can in any case make contact with our Centre in Cambridge on 01223 316488.

Housing Advice

Centre 33 provides support to young people about finding housing and understanding their options.

Information and Support

We provide information, advice and support to young people in Cambridgeshire up to the age of 25.  Our team are used to talking to young people about all sorts of issues, including housing, sexual health, family problems, bullying – whatever is on your mind, it’s always OK to talk about it with us.

Sexual Health

We offer a range of free and confidential sexual health services to young people in Cambridgeshire including:
Free Condoms
Pregnancy Testing
Chlamydia testing

Young Carers

Centre 33 provides a range of services for 8-18 year old Young Carers who live in Cambridge City, South Cambridgeshire and East Cambridgeshire. These include groups, one-to-one support and activities/trips.