Project Description

Young adult carers are young people aged 18–25 who do unpaid care,
for a family member or friend with an illness or disability, mental health condition or an addiction.

“I’m really confused about the future”

“I’m worried about the person I look after”

“I really need a break”

“I’m feeling down and worried all the time”

“I need some help with money”

What help and support do we offer?


If you need support with your mental health or practical needs, we can offer you one-to-one help to manage your mental health and also to help you with any worries around money, housing or sexual health.

We can also offer tailored support with getting back into study, training or work.

Young Adult Carer’s Research

We have undertaken some research into the needs of this important group. Please see a summary here and watch the short film above. We are busy planning how to support our young adult carers best over the coming year and we’ll let you know how it goes.

How can I get involved?

Drop in to Centre 33 and we can help you get the support you need.

You may be entitled to a Young Carers Needs Assessment which will assess if your whole family could get support.
You can email to find out more.

Email or call us  and we can talk through your options.

Note about consent

At Centre 33 all our services are confidential. That means we will not tell anyone, without your permission, that you are in contact with us or what you tell us. If you are in the young carers project then your parents or carers and sometimes your college are informed and involved unless it is not appropriate or you don’t want them to be. We can discuss this with you.

That would only change if we thought you or someone else was at risk of serious harm. If we did have to talk to someone else to help keep you safe, we would always try to talk to you about that first. 

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