Project Description

Centre 33 is strongly committed to supporting you with your mental health. It remains central to everything we do. We are running several projects that provide counselling for young people. If you are not eligible then we can help you find other options local to where you live.
How can I get counselling?

Please get in touch and we can discuss your options.

We will tell you a bit about our service, and ask you for some basic details, and you can ask us questions if you want to. We offer counselling ourselves and we can signpost you to other local services.

You can organise this yourself. We don’t need an adult to be involved. Read more about confidentiality

You can also contact us via facebook or twitter during our opening hours and we now have livechat on our website.

“It made it possible for me to talk to friends and stuff about feelings, it’s weird but suddenly it was ok”
Schools Counselling

We offer counselling in all secondary schools in South Cambridgeshire and East Cambridgeshire. However, you cannot ask us to be seen in school, instead you need to get in contact with somebody at school (for example, Student Support, Head of House, Head of Year) and they will discuss counselling with you and refer you to the service.

If you are a school interested in offering counselling in conjunction with us then please get in touch

more about “need someone to talk to”
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