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Looking after your own mental health and wellbeing is absolutely the best thing you can do and we want to support you to do it.
At Centre 33, we run a programme to help you with your wellbeing. Its called Guided Self Help.
What is guided self-help and who is it for?

It is a collaborative form of talking therapy designed to support you with low mood or anxiety. It focuses on the here and now, with practical steps to help you to feel better.

How can the sessions help me?

They can help you to better understand your problems and develop skills to manage any difficult feelings both now and in the future.

What can I expect from the sessions?

You will be supported by a wellbeing practitioner and sessions will be tailored to work in a way that is right for you. They will be quite interactive, involving worksheets and take-home tasks to practice in your own time. You will also be asked to complete regular feedback questionnaires to help you achieve your goals and make sure you are getting the right support from us.

How is guided self-help different from counselling?

It focuses on the problems you are facing at the moment. Supported by the wellbeing practitioner, you will make a step by step plan and goals to help overcome these difficulties. Guided self-help is very practical, teaching you strategies to better manage both now and in the future.

How many sessions will there be?

Up to 8 sessions, lasting between 20-50 minutes, at flexible times to suit you. Some will be face to face, others can be over the phone.

How can I get involved in the Guided Self Help service?

Please get in touch if you need support and we can discuss your options.

Drop-in to one of our hubs (when we are open again)  here

Phone us on 0333 4141809 

Text us on 07514 783745

Email us at

We can tell you a bit more about the service, and ask you for some basic details, and you can ask us questions if you want to.

You can organise this yourself. We don’t need an adult to be involved.

Here are some tips that might help. You can download these as posters if you like.
We’ve also made some short films for you to watch

Our team of Wellbeing Practicioners are here to help you with Guided Self Help.

Lydia Taylor, Sophie Blythe , Miriam Storey, Penny Moore

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