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Counselling in Schools

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Other services

We can also offer this kind of support to schools:

  • Staff supervision and training
  • Mental Health workshop and awareness raising for young people
  • Parental advice and training

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If you are concerned as a professional about a young person at your school, GP practice or in your community, then you can encourage them to get in touch with us directly.

We don’t take referrals from professionals (except for our Young Carers Project and counselling in schools, see below).

Young people are able to refer themselves for counselling or just drop in for a chat – look here for opening hours.

We can also help with signposting you to services that will help.

This is a good place to start:

You can download our leaflet here which details all our services to young people.
There is a poster here with details of our young carers project.
There is a flyer  here with details of our schools counselling service.
There is a flyer  here with details of our ‘Someone to Talk to’ service.
There is a leaflet here with support if you are self harming.
There is a poster here with details job hunting/budgeting project with New Horizons.
There is a poster here with about our housing support service in Cambridge.

Young Carers Project  – how we work with you to support young carers

Young Carers Under the Age of 11

Centre 33 offers support to young carers aged 8 and above. We will meet with the young person and their parent / guardian to identify what support we can offer, this will range from a space at a regular support group, one to one sessions based on a bespoke outcomes plan, to information and signposting.  If the young person is younger than 8 please contact the Young Carers Needs Assessment Team who will complete an assessment to identify the best support for you.

Work in Secondary Schools

Centre 33 offers support in secondary schools across Cambridgeshire, and works closely with teachers to help them to best support young carers in their schools. Please see here for the schools we are currently working in.

Centre 33 also offers support in secondary schools via dedicated Project Workers coming into school fortnightly to run drop-ins, appointments and group sessions. We offer training for staff and support awareness raising sessions and assemblies in order to increase identification within your schools. For more information about accessing our training and awareness-raising please contact

“Centre 33 is trusted by young people and has a strong young person-focussed ethos.” Young People’s Worker
Year 6 and Year 9s – My Future:

Young carers often struggle with transitions. Centre 33 My Future works closely with young carers to help them plan and prepare for changes in their lives. We work with Year 6 and Year 9 young carers from the Autumn term onwards to identify, and work through, any barriers or challenges they are facing enabling them to move positively toward the next stage. We help them to share information with Schools and Colleges to enable necessary support to be in place for their moves.

“We have been absolutely delighted with this project and the impact it is having with our students.  We are certainly more than happy for this to continue and develop next year”  Assistant Head Teacher
My Plan – working with young carers to identify their needs

Centre 33 has a bespoke planning tool for young carers, and works closely with individual young carers to explore their world and enable them to identify and set goals. The My Plan can be used to support with transitions work, crisis planning, increasing aspirations alongside statutory assessment or independently. We encourage young carers to hold their own My Plans and to share them to enhance their networks and achievements.

“I was relieved there are people who understand me and what I have to cope with” Jade, aged 13
My Time

Our My Time project provides one to one and small group support to young carers, giving them the opportunity to talk through their worries or concerns about caring responsibilities. Examples of some of these sessions:

  • Understanding Bi-Polar
  • Living with someone with an alcohol or drug dependency
  • Trying to reduce the amount of inappropriate care being provided
“I’ve finished my first year of college with good attendance, fully completed work and so much more confidence in myself. I don’t think I could have got through it without the Young Carer’s Project” Tanya, aged 17
My Free Time

My Free Time offers young carers a programme of fun activities and trips- giving them the chance to have a break from their situation at home, make new friends, and have some fun. Examples of some of the trips we have done:

Roller skating / indoor surfing / theme parks / sport days / yoga sessions / seaside trips / trampoling / arts projects, museum visits and so much more.

To make a referral

To make a referral please fill out this form and we will get back in touch with you as soon as we can.

Referrals must be made with the consent of the young person and parent/guardian.

If you know a young carer who would benefit from a statutory Young Carers Assessment then please e-mail for more information.


Our young carers participation team have developed training programmes and resources to help raise awareness and help professionals with the identification of young carers.

If you would like to us to deliver Young Carers Awareness Raising Training to your team please contact us at: or call us on 0333 4141809.


We rely heavily on volunteers at our groups. If you are interested in future volunteering opportunities. Please see our volunteering page

Contact Details:
Service Manager: Kate Rees
0333 4141 809

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