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Suicidal thoughts are when you think about the act of ending your life intentionally. These can range between just thoughts about taking your life and making clear plan on how to do it. Suicidal thoughts may arise because someone is overwhelmed by a range of feelings or because someone is facing a difficult situation that appears hopeless.

Many young people think about suicide, you are not alone, and not everyone who has thoughts about ending their life will end up taking their life. However, these thoughts may be confusing or frightening for you. The feelings tend to change from moment to moment, day to day and sometimes you may feel you don’t want to die, you just can’t carry on living life as you do. Sometimes you may feel you can’t cope and sometimes you may feel you don’t understand why you are feeling as you do.

Everyone’s experience of suicidal thoughts is different; however, here are some of the more common thoughts and feelings:

  • Like there is no point in being alive
  • Overwhelmed by negative thoughts
  • Tearful
  • An unbearable pain that seems endless
  • Unwanted, not needed, useless

You may also;

  • Find it difficult to sleep or sleep too much
  • Take less care of yourself and how you look
  • Feel more or less hungry and lose or gain weight
  • Experience the urge to self harm
  • Find your self-esteem lessens
  • Want to avoid others

Suicidal thoughts last for different amounts of time for everyone and often people feel they won’t be happy again, which can be very overwhelming. Suicidal thoughts can pass and many people go on to live full and happy lives. However it is important to talk to someone about how you are feeling.

Although it may feel difficult to tell someone how you are feeling, the earlier you do the quicker you can get support to help you manage the thoughts and understand what is going on for you. You don’t have to go through this challenging time alone and talking to someone you trust has helped many people overcome their suicidal thoughts. You can talk to us.

This website has a lot of useful information

Need help now?

If you don’t feel you can keep yourself safe right now, the following help is available to you:

  • Go to any A & E department
  • Call 999
  • Call NHS 111 and select option 2
  • Go to your GP
  • Call the Samaritans 116 123
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